Friday, February 11, 2011

Aiman and Einstein

We went to Petrosains KLCC on the first day of Chinese New Year. Aiman was very excited to get on the Dark Ride to the exhibition area. However, both kids were very quiet during the Dark Ride because of the darkness. Once we're at the exhibition area, Aiman ran here and there. He wanted to try everything... both of them even had a shot with Einstein.

He was fascinated while trying his hands on the 'bulldozer'. Luckily there were not many visitors yet while we're there.

And when we reached the racing car area, he didn't want to get out of there. But from the photo guess who enjoys the virtual race game the most? See, even little missy decides to join the race... Mama .... well I'm the forever family amateur photographer.

Later Aiman and I boarded the Heli Ride. It's actually a helicopter ride simulation where the passengers were crammed into the so-called heli pit, and off we go to the off-shore oil platform. Its a bumpy ride alright.. with thunder and bolt and lightning and even rain. But we enjoyed it .... Daddy and little missy cannot join because child under certain heights are not allowed 'onboard'.

And here's my little astronaut, hanging from the ceiling. Actually he is not hanging at all. All he did was peer into some sort of a screen, and his image was projected at the face of the astronaut.

And at the end of the tour, little missy decides to make some music. She tried her hands on the harp.

We spent more than 2 hours there without realizing it. Anyway, it's a good experience especially to young kids. We enjoyed the whole things even the baby. And Aiman said, "I want to come again....".

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cerita sekolah Aiman

It's Friday....
Hubby waited for Aiman at the transit place to bring him home during lunch hour. He was not with the first batch of kids who got off the Wish. Hubby panicked, so he drove to the school. He saw Aiman at a nearby shop. Hubby let him be and he went back to transit place after seeing Aiman got into the Wish.

When we asked him during lunch what was he doing running about. He told us, "We were waiting for auntie, then one of my friend asked me to accompany him to the shop. So I went with him. That's why I'm not in the first trip." When I reminded him not to cross the road, he said "I did look carefully Ma... I looked right n left n right n left and we run". Guess I just have to trust him and not be overly worried.

Then I asked him, did you see babah while you are at the shop? His answer,"Ala .... Aiman nampak. Babah parking jauh kan, kat hujung? Babah ingat Aiman tak nampak Babah lah tu....". Daddy had nothing to comment, senyum ajelah....

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A new beginning

Happy New Year 2011 to all ...

A new beginning? Yupp .... It's about my Aiman actually. He is a Standard One pupil this year. Got him settled at the transit home. He's eager to start school. This is on the morning of orientation day 01.01.2011.

On his way to his class for the Linus test.

On the first day of school, during the assembly session.

He bought a plate of nasi lemak which is a bit too hot & he decided to bring 'bekal' to school.
Dad fetched him in the afternoon and he got ready for 'sekolah agama'.

The thing that surprises me is that, none of his classmates cried (excluding one girl). These kids nowadays are ready to do anything. They are not like us back then. The anxiety is more on the parents rather than the kids it seems. I'm one of them. Hope everything goes well .....

But kids being kids, he can barely open his eyes on the first day of school..... Pity my baby ....

Monday, September 13, 2010

Aidlfitri 2010

Salam Aidilfitri to all.

It has been quite some time since my last update.... Hahaha ... some of my friends have started bugging me about the last post.... Ayam tu dah hangus dah..... So true ....

Anyway, it's Aidilfitri again. Didn't get to celebrate fully last year due to confinement. And now my little 'buah hati' turned 1 on 13th Sept 2010.

So many things happened for the past few months. The faculty shifted to BJ ("they" finally succeeded to shift us), the commuting, the never-ending MQA, the baby and HFMD, and now it's Raya time. Here's some photos taken during Raya, didn't get the chance to really click2.

My little "bujang" with his new attire.....

And this is daddy's girl .....

This little girl is a little bit too tired. Mana-mana pun dia boleh landing & tidur. Penat raya agaknya....

Saturday, February 13, 2010

BBQ dinner

These dishes were requested by hubby but only managed to do it quite recently. He requested bbq chicken the conventional way (no microwave or oven baking....mind you) - charcoal fire. Actually it's not fire lah..... just the 'bara' .....

My job is only to marinate the chicken, he took care of the rest. Of course he had his fav helper to help ...... none other than Mr. Aiman. And I made this delicious (perasan) potato salad to complement the main dish. The meal was very satisfying. Oh btw ..... this was actually about 2 weeks ago .... don't have time to upload then.

And today, we had ikan bakar for lunch. Who else yg bakar, Mr. Hubby lah..... But forgot to snap photos of it because I'm busy preparing the other side dishes. And the ikan bakar also don't last long on the table ..... because there's a 'big cat' in the house (according to hubby .... referring to who else .... Mr. Aiman again ..... Aiman memang tak kisah).

Monday, January 4, 2010

Pusat Sains Negara

Brought Aiman to Pusat Sains Negara during the school holidays. He enjoyed being there. Wanted to try everything, but he loves the spaceship section most.

He's specially interested in anything which has a joystick / control on it.

At the entrance to PSN.

Busy manning the robotic arm to collect some wooden blocks, but didn't succeed.

He's been asking me to go there again. Haiyaa .... tak boring ke?

Monday, December 21, 2009

The latest addition ....

It's been some time since I last wrote in this blog. Been away from work for two months and been busy with work afterwards. As you can see, here's the latest addition to my family .... Daryn Arissa bt. Sahalan. Here's the baby a few hours after birth.

She looks more like her father ... don't know yet for sure, but that's what people say.

We call her Arissa, or Adik but Aiman calls her Baby. Everybody who knows Aiman asked about his reaction to the new baby. Well, I can say he accepted the fact that he's no longer the only child, but he seems okay about that. Thank God... Even Arina was fascinated by the baby ..... Wait till she becomes the little 'kakak'.

Arissa is now 3 months going on 4 months. She loves to smile and she loves to suck her little hands. 'Dia suka makan aiskrim' Aiman says.